Peritoneal Dialysis Product Training (2 Day class)


PD Product Training Asepsis, Pin Technology, Stay Safe Ancillary and Capd Products ;
PD Product Training Stay Safe Capd Procedures and Troubleshooting;
Delflex and Delflex in Biofine Solutions;
PD Product Training Liberty Select Cycler Products & Components;
PD Product Training Liberty Cycler Screeens;
PD Product Training Programming Liberty Cycler;
PD Product Training Liberty Select Cycler Demonstration/set Up/troubleshooting

Single 2 Day Class

10:00am - 4:15pm CDT


6 Hours Per Day

The participant will:

  1. Learn safe and effective use of the StaySafe CAPD, associated products and the Liberty Select Cycler in the chronic home training setting.


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