NxStage is here to support you.

To better assist you during the COVID-19 pandemic we have mobilized a series of virtual resources to continue to support you with both education and training for nurses and staff.

This is an important time to continue to educate patients about home therapies, and to encourage patients to advocate for their needs. Many providers have adapted their training policies and procedures to maximize safety for both patients and staff during home training, so you can continue to care for and train home patients while protecting yourself and your teams.

Available Virtual Nurse Education and Training

The NxStage HHD Education team shares a passionate commitment to helping train customers so that patients can use NxStage products with the utmost confidence and success.

To register for any of the classes listed below, click on the class title for the program you wish to attend.

Lecture Style Courses with Interactive Q&A
  • This session will provide a basic overview of home hemodialysis therapy utilizing the NxStage including benefits of the therapy, NxStage equipment using pre-mixed bags or PureFlow SL, basic troubleshooting and resources available.
  • The NxRx Tutorial covers information on NxRx on-line supply ordering system including: entering and revising prescriptions, status changes, travel/vacation orders, monitoring transactions, reports available, documents and equipment tracking.
  • This session will cover how to access and use the NxSTEPS training curriculum including: key design principles, content, benefits of use, resources available and how to access and use NxDocuments.
  • This session will provide an overview of the elements of a physician order, how a prescriber can create an initial prescription for MFHHD using the dosing calculator, and the best practices for prescribing a patient-centered treatment plan.
Live Equipment Demonstration Courses with Interactive Q&A
RESERVED for Existing or New Nx2me Customers
  • This session will provide an overview of the 4 training modules to refresh the center nurse that may have had a lapse in time since they have implemented Nx2me and need a reminder of the overall process.
  • This session will provide instruction on how to use all aspects of the Clinician portal including: adding center staff, enrolling patients, entering the patient setting and alert criteria, viewing flowsheets, available reporting capabilities, notes and messaging with patients and conducting a link session with a patient at home.
  • This session will provide instructions on training patients to set up their Nx2me App account, using the app during a treatment using all of the available features in the app, use Bluetooth devices (if allowed), set up and confirm their home connectivity and what they will need to know to travel with Nx2me.