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Education is key to achieving our mission – providing the tools to effectively treat and care for patients.

The Products Education Portal provides you with personalized, timely, and interactive education on the products and therapies our products support. We invite you to explore the materials that best fit your educational needs by selecting the pathway of interest to you: Home.

The Products Education Portal offers information on:

Available Virtual Nurse Education and Training

Live Equipment Demonstration Courses with Interactive Q&A
  • Overview on set up of NxStage HHD Cycler using the PureFlow SL.
  • Set up of NxStage HHD Cycler using Express Bags with demonstration of procedures commonly used during Set-Up, Treatment and Termination of HHD Treatment. Includes description and demonstration of how/when to utilize troubleshooting procedures with NxStage HHD Cycler, with an overview of system functions.
  • Overview of the instructions, requirements and documentation needed. For NxStage Cycler redeployment.
  • Two-Day HHD Class providing comprehensive virtual training in use of the NxStage cycler with Express Bags and PureFlow, including didactic presentation and live demonstration.
  • A general overview of the NxStage Home Hemodialysis systems, including an introduction to the product, an overview of dosing and prescription, cycler settings, the cartridge and troubleshooting will be presented in a combination of didactic presentation and live demonstration of product.
  • Demonstration of proper use of the stay∙safe CAPD system and ancillaries, including special emphasis on the unique PIN technology, safe and effective delivery of CAPD, aseptic technique related to product use and patient safety, and a demonstration of the procedure, troubleshooting tips, specimen collection, and disposal of used products. 3.5-Hours

    This course is a prerequisite for the Liberty® Select Cycler course and should be taken first.

  • Focuses on Fresenius Medical Care PD Product training for the DELFLEX® Automated PD (APD) solution portfolio, and the proper set-up, use, and completion of therapy on the Liberty® Select cycler to support a safe treatment, while minimizing alarms associated with improper handling of the device and disposables. The session includes live demonstration, set up and troubleshooting. 4-Hours

    Completion of the stay∙safe CAPD course is a prerequisite to this course.

  • PD product training needs for PD Nurses in a hospital setting. This course includes a live demonstration of the stay∙safe CAPD system, and the Liberty® Select cycler, including programming, operation, troubleshooting, and on-line nurse and patient resources. There is also a focus on how to adapt a PD patient’s stay∙safe catheter extension set to an alternate PD delivery system and vice versa.
  • This fast-paced course reviews key points and Instructions for Use (IFU) presented in previous Fresenius Medical CARE PD training, including PIN technology, stay∙safe CAPD system, and Liberty® Select cycler in live demonstration.

    This course is intended for learners who have previously been trained on Fresenius Medical Care CAPD and APD systems and needs a refresher.

Peritoneal Dialysis Special Topics (separate 1-Hour course registrations)
  • This course discusses a less commonly used PD program known as Tidal; appropriate use of this program, and considerations in programming the Liberty® Select cycler.
  • This course includes a discussion of a less commonly used PD program – PD Plus, including an explanation of “Pause” exchanges, appropriate utilization of this program, clinical considerations, and programming into the Liberty® Select Cycler.
  • This course includes a discussion of Liberty® Select cycler drain logic and treatment data interpretation.
  • This virtual training course is offered every 4 weeks and includes a discussion of Peritoneal Equilibration Test (PET) collection, appropriate dwell times, and how to use patient information and lab results to learn about PD prescription options. This course includes a discussion of correct use of equipment when collecting PET samples, appropriate dwell times, and use of the PD Calculator to learn about PD prescription options.
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