Advanced Peritoneal Dialysis


Advanced review of the StaySafe CAPD, and the Liberty Select Cycler to prepare to train others on the products.

Every 2 weeks 8:30am CST

8:30am - 5pm CST


8 Hours + 30 Minutes Lunch

The participant will:

  1. Learn: CAPD Stay Safe System/PIN Technology and Review PD Supplies/Ancillaries and Fluids
    a) Review Fresenius CAPD StaySafe System
    b) Discuss Purpose, Description and Correct Use of PIN Technology
    c) Review PD Supplies, Ancillaries and Fluid

  2. See CAPD Demonstration
    a) Demonstrate StaySafe CAPD Procedures (per IFU)
    b) Describe how to Troubleshoot StaySafe CAPD Procedures and access CAPD Troubleshooting Resources

  3. Review CCPD Supplies/Ancillaries & Fluids and Liberty Cycler Components
    a) Review Fresenius Liberty Select Cycler Supplies, Ancillaries and Fluids
    b) Discuss correct use of Liberty Select Cycler PIN Technology
    c) Identify Exterior Components/Features of Liberty Select Cycler

  4. Review Liberty Cycler Screens
    a) Program “My Settings” Screens – Therapy (PD Prescription), Patient, Options and Hardware
    b) Review “My Records” Screens and discuss how to utilize Treatment Data and Treatment Detail Screens

  5. 2 Hours: Liberty Cycler Demonstration/Alarm Review
    Demonstrate Liberty Cycler Procedures:

    • Cycler Set Up, Connect Patient and Initiate PD Treatment
    • Monitor PD Treatment and Respond to Alarms (using Status Bars, Screen Messages, “My Records” and User’s Guide)
    • Respond to Power Failure and Power Fail Recovery Check
    • STAT Drain and Bypass (including rationale for use)
    • End PD Treatment, Disconnect Patient and remove Cassette/Cycler Set
  6. 0.5 Hours: Troubleshoot Drain Complications and other Patient/Machine-Related Liberty Cycler Alarms
    a) Discuss strategies for Troubleshooting Drain Complications
    b) Describe Troubleshooting strategies for other Patient/Machine-Related Liberty Cycler Alarms
    c) Identify How/Where to access Liberty Cycler Troubleshooting Resources

  7. 0.5 Hours: Wrap Up – Troubleshooting Q & A


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